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Store Information

Where is my nearest Jack’s store?

Click here to find your nearest local store.

What are the opening hours of my local store?

We are open 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

How can I contact my local store?

We don’t provide direct numbers for our stores. But if you do have something you would like to chat to us about, please pop into store and speak to one of our colleagues.

Need to speak to someone?

Not a problem, give our customer services team a call on 0800 085 3561. Lines are open Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm and Sunday 9am- 6pm.

Tesco & Jack’s relationship

Jack’s is a new brand and a new format from the Tesco family that combines great tasting British food with a simple, easy to navigate range – all at low prices.

Jack’s celebrates the values and ethos of the Tesco founder Jack Cohen who set up his first market stall in Hackney, East London 100 years ago. Jack had an eye for value and a knack for knowing what people wanted. His stall was famous for good food at the lowest possible prices.

Today at Jack’s his legacy lives on in the great-tasting British food and drink we make available to everyone.

I think I have left something in one of your stores – what should I do?

Please pop into store and speak to a colleague at the self-service till, who will check to see if we have your item.

If it is a bank card please make sure you bring photographic ID, and our colleagues will be able to return your item. We keep lost bank cards for 72 hours, after this time we will destroy them for security reasons.

What is Shop Smart?

Shop Smart is an app which enables you to shop quicker in store. Not only will you save time at the till by packing as you go, (there’s no need to unload at the till), you’ll also be able to track your spend with a running total as you shop, making it easier to stick your budget.

So get started by downloading the Jack’s Shop Smart app today to enjoy a quicker and easier way to shop.

How can I sign up to Shop Smart?

Download the ‘Jack’s Shop Smart’ app from the app store.

Do all stores offer this service?

Yes, Shop Smart is available in all Jack’s stores. Access it using Jack’s free WiFi* or your mobile data.

*WiFi subject to availability.

I have lost my receipt – what should I do?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to replace your receipt.

One of your trollies has been abandoned outside the store premises – how can I get this collected?

Please speak to your local Jack’s store to arrange this to be collected as soon as possible or please contact our customer services team.

Car Parking

Do you have car parking at all your stores?

Yes - all our stores have car parking

Can I be fined for staying too long in one of your car parks?

Yes, in some of our car parks we do have car parking restrictions. If restrictions are in place it will be signposted within the car park so check when you arrive.

My car has been involved in an accident in one of your car parks – what should I do?

If you have reported this to store, don’t worry, one of our customer services colleagues will be in touch with you.

If you have not reported the incident to store, please return back to store and speak to one of our colleagues.

I have some questions about a Parking Charge Notice I have received. What should I do?

Please call the number provided on the Parking Charge Notice.

Age Restrictions

How old do I have to be to purchase alcohol in your store?

The legal age for buying alcohol in the UK is 18; this means we can only sell alcohol to customers that are 18 or over.

We operate a strict age verification policy on alcohol, known as "Think 25". This means if you are lucky enough to look under 25, our colleagues will ask you to provide ID. Unfortunately if you can’t provide a suitable form of ID we will need to refuse the sale.

Please be aware that this policy does not just apply at tills, colleagues may ask you to provide ID anywhere within our store if you are looking at age restricted items.

How old do I need to be to buy tobacco in your store?

We only sell tobacco to customers that are 18 or over. It is illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under the age of 18.

We operate a strict age verification policy on Tobacco products, known as "Think 25". This means that if you are lucky enough to look under 25, you will need to provide some ID. Unfortunately if you can’t provide a suitable form of ID we will need to refuse the sale.

How old do I have to be to purchase knives and razor blades in your store?

You must be 18 or over to purchase any knives or razor blade products.

We operate a strict age verification policy on knives and razor blade products, known as "Think 25".

Our stores will be unable to serve you if you look under the legal age and can’t show us an acceptable form of ID.

How old do I need to be to buy energy drinks within your store?

Jack’s policy on the sale of high caffeine energy drinks is you must be 16 and over to purchase these products.

High caffeine energy drinks are those defined as containing caffeine greater than 15mg/100ml. These include popular brands such as ‘Red Bull’ and ‘Monster’ and can normally be identified as they display a ‘high caffeine’ safety warning or caution.

This voluntary age restriction does not apply to sports drinks or ready to drink coffees.

What forms of ID does Jacks accept as proof of age?

As part of the “Think 25” age verification process we will accept any of the following as proof of age:

  • A passport
  • A photo card driving licence
  • A proof of age card bearing the PASS hologram
  • A military ID

Animals within store

Do you allow pets inside your stores?

At Jack’s we love animals but unfortunately due to health and safety reasons we can only welcome accredited assistance animals in store.


How does Jack’s support my local area with charity and community work?

Supporting the local community is important to Jack’s, which is why we’ve created our Jack’s Supports scheme and Community Food Connection programme, aimed at helping local good causes.

Our ‘Jack’s Supports’ scheme donates proceeds from the sale of carrier bags to local good causes. Groups can apply to be part of the scheme at Once applications have been received our colleagues will shortlist four good causes to take forward to a customer vote in store. Once customers have voted for their favourite, the winner will receive carrier bag proceeds from the local store for a three month period. All four good causes will receive a donation of £250 as soon as they are nominated and the winner is guaranteed is a minimum of £500.

Our second scheme is our Community Food Connection programme. We think it’s simply not right that good food goes to waste so we have partnered up with UK food redistribution charity FareShare. Any food safe for human consumption gets donated daily to local charities and community groups.

For more information click here.

Can Jack’s help with providing funding to my Charity?

Groups can apply to be part of the Jack’s Supports scheme at

Can I hold a charity event in my local Jack’s store?

We are currently allowing our four local charity partners to raise money in store, so unfortunately we are not accepting applications for other charities at this time.


Are you interested in working for Jack’s?

Please click here to find out more information about all our vacancies.


I have a suggestion for a location for a Jack’s Store?

If you have a suggested location for a Jack’s store, contact our customer service team who will pass your suggestion on to our property team.

Product Information

How can I check if a store sells a product and if it is in stock?

You will need to head into a store to see if a product is ranged and stocked. You can ask a colleague who can check our systems for more information.

For our non-food range of WIGIG products, when they are gone they really are gone, so it’s best to get to store early for these products.

Where can I find COSHH sheets?

If you’re looking for a COSHH sheet for a branded product, please contact the manufacturer directly, they’ll be best placed to provide you with the information.

For Jack’s branded products, please contact our Customer Service team having the barcode of the product ready. One of our colleagues will be happy to have the relevant COSHH sheet mailed to you.

Can I find any vegan, vegetarian or foods free from allergens at Jack’s?

Yes, all products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians will be called out on the packaging. Simply check for the ‘V’ icon or check the back of the product for more information. We offer a meat free range in our frozen section too.

We have also developed a ‘Made Without’ range of products suitable for people with intolerances.

How can I check where a product is sourced from?

At Jack’s we love the flavours of Britain and are passionate about working with hundreds of regional farmers, growers and producers.

You can find where a product is sourced from by referring to the origin information which appears on the front and/or back of pack. If you have any questions, please speak with a store colleague.

Can I shop at Jack’s online?

Sorry, you cannot currently shop online.

I’d like to buy a large amount of stock from your store, is there a limit?

No, you can buy as many items on the shelves as you wish. The only restrictions to this would be baby milk, painkillers and limited stocked products on promotion. Products from the ‘WIGIG’ range are also restricted to 6 units for each product.

I have a suggestion for a product to sell at a Jack’s store?

If we don’t sell a product you really want, please speak to a manager in store who will pass this information onto our head office team.

I would like to supply my product to Jack’s, who do I contact?

As Jack's is part of the Tesco family, we use a shared supply base with Tesco so click here to register your interest.

Product complaints

I am not happy with the quality of my product, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear this. Please return back to store with your receipt and any packaging you may still have and we will happily refund or exchange the item. We will capture as much information as possible and ensure we investigate all issues. For more info please click here.

I’ve purchased an out of date product from you. What should I do?

We’re really sorry this has happened. Return back to store with the product and receipt and we will refund or exchange the product. We will ensure we investigate what went wrong. For more info please click here.

Need to speak to someone?

Not a problem, give us a call on 0800 085 3561.

Payment and Vouchers

Can I pay with a cheque in store?

Sorry, unfortunately we cannot accept cheques.

What payment cards can I use?

We’re happy to accept all credit and debit payment cards.

Do you accept Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes in all your stores?

Yes, we accept all Sterling bank notes in our stores. Unfortunately, we do not accept banknotes that are issued in the Isle of Man.

I have been charged twice for the same transaction, what should I do?

We are so sorry for any mistakes that have happened. Please head back to store with your receipt and we will refund you the difference.

What shall I do if I’ve been overcharged?

We do everything we can at Jack’s to make sure our shelf edge labels are correct, but in the unlikely event that we charge you more than the price advertised, please head back to store with your receipt and speak to a member of the team. They will be more than happy to refund you the difference.

Do you accept healthy start vouchers?

Yes, we accept these vouchers. Head to the NHS Website for more information on what they can be used on.

Do you accept supplier or branded coupons?

Yes, but we only accept coupons from suppliers and brands we stock in store. We unfortunately don’t accept any Tesco vouchers either.

I need a VAT invoice for my business records. How do I get one from you?

Just take your original till receipt back to store to the Service Island located at the self-service checkouts where a member of the team will happily arrange a VAT invoice for you.


Can I see what the offers are in store?

Click here to see latest offers.

Data Protection

Where can I find your privacy policy?

At Jack’s, looking after the personal data you share with us is very important. We want you to be confident that your data is safe and secure. If you want to know more and understand how we use your data, please click here.