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At Jack’s we love the flavours of Britain and are passionate about working with hundreds of regional farmers, growers and producers.

That’s why, 8 out of 10 products branded Jack’s are grown, reared or made in Britain.*

Here’s the story of 4 of our British producers.

Joe Button has been farming in Tregawn, Cornwall since he was a teenager. His farm supply potatoes to Jack’s and it’s a true family business that’s been passed down from father to son for 3 generations.

Joe’s a proud Cornishman who knows the countryside like the back of his spade, “The weather here can change in an instant, you have to understand the natural benefits of the climate and geography.

You can really taste the goodness in the potatoes. Simply boiled with a bit of butter… beautiful!”



Marcus and Katie Marsh run a mixed farm in Shropshire producing dairy products, including the milk they supply to Jack’s.

Farming has been a passion for the Marsh family for 3 generations, “ I was actually born in the farmhouse, and have worked here my whole life.

My kids Elsa-May and Charlie are already helping out, just like I did at an early age,” says Marcus, “We let all our 330 Holstein cows graze for up to 200 days a year. Happy cows lead to great dairy products!”.



Kaiapoi Romneys was set up by Rob and Jo Hodgkins in 2014 and since then the business has grown considerably, starting with 200 ewes and growing to over 10 times that amount, all grass-fed and kept outdoors all year long.

Rob and Jo are firm advocates of sustainable agriculture, using techniques including grazing sheep under state of the art solar panels to manage grassland.

Rob is also a committee member of the Tesco Sustainable Farming Group, which ensures long term relationships across the UK leading to the great products you see in Jack’s today.


John Shropshire runs G’s Fresh, producing delicious lettuce, celery and radishes for Jack's fresh salads.

G’s Fresh is a family business, set up by John’s father Guy and today John gets help from his sons Charles and Henry.

As well as using farming techniques handed down the generations, John uses modern techniques such as laser-levelling which controls the amount of moisture in the soil, “ A perfect crunch makes a good salad great” says John.

*Excludes pet food, baby food and formula. Either the main ingredients are British, or the products are produced in Britain. The proportion of qualifying products is rounded up to 8 out of 10 because some products are sourced from overseas when they are out of season in the UK. See in-store for details.