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Shop Smart

Looking for a quicker way to shop in-store? Use the Jack’s Shop Smart app.

To get started search for the Jack’s Shop Smart app, download and register to shop.

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Shop Smart in three easy steps

1. Scan your shopping

Once in store, you’ll be asked to confirm your location, then you can start scanning your shopping.

Either scan the barcode on the product or for loose items scan the barcode on the price label.

2. Keep track of your spend

Track your spend as you shop, making it easier to stick to your budget.

And by packing as you shop, you’ll save time at the till too.

3. Checkout quickly

Once you’re done head to the self-service tills and scan the barcode at the top of the till screen.

This will download your shopping so you can pay and go!

Shop Smart is available in all Jack’s stores. If you need any help ask a colleague in-store who will be happy to help.

Terms and conditions for the Jack's Shop Smart app can be found here.